Liebe Rugby-Gemeinde in Baydern,
wir wollen gerne zeitnah einen Einsteigerkurs für Schiedsrichter anbieten. Eine essentielle Information, die dazu fehlt, ist, wie viele Leute in Bayern tatsächlich Interesse haben.

Bitte gebt diesen doodle an alle Vereine, Unterstützer, Ex-Spieler etc weiter, die mal erwähnt haben, dass sie Schiedsrichter werden wollen. Rückmeldung bitte bis Freitag, den 31.3.2017, 22.00h.

Bitte mit Name, Verein, Erfahrung ja/nein (Level 1, A-Lizenz,...) und das Kästchen Schiedsrichter auswählen. Beispiel: Verena Fickenscher, TSV 1846 Nürnberg, C-Lizenz.
Basierend auf diesen Daten, werden die Kurse geplant.
Außerdem würde ich gerne das Problem der fehlenden Linienrichter angehen:
Wenn wir in den Vereinen Leute finden, die zwar nicht Schiedsrichter werden wollen, aber dazu bereit sind die Linie zu laufen, wäre es sinnvoll diese dahingehend ein bisschen auszubilden. Gibt es solche Leute bei euch im Verein? Das können Spieler einer zweiten, dritten Mannschaft sein, Old Boys, Old Girls, Ehemänner/-frauen, Kinder, ....
Wer an sowas Interesse hat, bitte auch in diesen doodle eintragen. Auch wieder bis 31.3.2017, 22.00h. Diesmal: Name, Verein und die Spalte Linie ankreuzen.
Hier der Link:
Feedback gerne an mich.
Verena Fickenscher

Schiedsrichterobmann Rugbyverband Bayern
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Dear all,

I will be holding a one day course on March 12, 2016 with the intention to help anyone who is interested in refereeing to get out there and referee.

I will decide on final details (timing and venue) once I have an initial response. If you are interested, or know of anyone who might be please let me know. The date is flexible if there is one that suits people better so please do contact me even if you might not be available on that date.

If there is anyone who you know that might be interested but are not already on the list of recipients, please let me know.

The course is intended for people with no refereeing experience but it will obviously be helpful for them to have experience or involvement in rugby to some degree.

They will also need to be familiar with the Laws and have completed the Rugby Ready section on the World Rugby website.

The links that will be helpful are:- (laws in English) (laws in German)

Please complete the Rugby Ready and Law Exam sections and bring the certificates with you.

The purpose of the course will be to prepare referees so that they are ready to go out and referee and all successful participants will receive a RVB Schiedsrichter D Licence (once the Rugby Ready and Law Exam have been completed).

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Justin Mashford
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Lehrgang für Schiedsrichter am 21.11 in Unterföhring

Dear all,

Please note that there will be a referees training on 21 November 2015 to be held at Unterföhring.

This will be for experienced referees who are either active or have previously been and are looking to restart. It will be a full day starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:00.

If you have anyone who would be interested in attending please let me have their details as soon as possible.

There will be a 50€ charge per attendee as we are bringing down a World Rugby Educator from Berlin.

There will also be an introduction course for referees next February or March with the venue depending on how much response I get. I will let you have further details as soon as possible but am letting you have plenty of notice so that those clubs who do not have active referees can make sure that they correct this.

Justin Mashford

Justin Mashford

Handy: +49 (0) 151 23549040
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IRB Law Download




There are many reasons why you would want to become a referee, whether you are reaching the end of your playing career or have never picked up a rugby ball.

Rugby is a hard but fair game and having a competent, properly trained referee makes an enormous difference to everyone's ability to participate and enjoy the game to its full potential. A rugby referee is always treated with respect and appreciation.

The beauty of rugby as a sport is that it is available to all players irrespective of shape, size, strength, speed, ballskills, etc. and this extends to refereeing the game as well.

The contribution you can make to the sport as a referee is huge and you will receive real fulfilment from your involvement as well as some very healthy exercise.

Rugby Verband Bayern is expanding all the time and this requires more referees. You will receive support and proper training no matter at what point you are starting.

So whether you have played the game for 20 years or never played at all please contact me and I will tell you all the other reasons why you want to be a rugby referee."